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Cover for Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 #50
Pencils by J. Scott Cambell, inks by Tim Townsend.

    Publisher :         Marvel Comics
 First appearence :    Amazing Fantasy # 15 . Aug.1962
 Created by  :    Stan Lee, Steve Ditko
 Alter Ego : Peter Benjamin Parker
 Abilities  : Superhuman strenght, speed, stamina, agility,    reflexes. Ability to stick  to solid surface, Spider sense, Night  vission, Accelerated healing, Toxic stingers, Ability to  produced both organics and synthetics spider webbing.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Lizards –Spiderman Reboot 2012

The Lizards –Spiderman Reboot 2012

Last played by Dylan Baker as Dr. Curt Connors in both Spiderman 2 and 3, yet Dr. Curt Connors was not been revealed as The Lizards. Appearance in the last Spiderman Movie as the Peter University Professor continues in the new Spiderman Reboot with new cast, Rhys Ifans. This time Dr. Curt Connors will reveal the lizard. Here are Lizard profile:

The lizard introduced in the Amazing Spiderman comic #6 (Nov.1963) created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Lizard or Dr. Curtis Connors was a gifted surgeon in the army and was sent to War, where he lost his right arm in a blast. Returning to a civilian life as a research technologist, Connors became obsessed to a secret of reptilian regeneration limb. After series of experiments and researches, he finally develop an experimental serum taken from reptilian DNA after he successfully regrew the missing limb of a rabbit. He took the serum for himself for a test despite warnings by his wife Martha. Connors missing arm indeed grow back, but the formula had a side effect Connors was subsequently turn to a Reptilian Humanoid Monster, which then called The Lizard.

Lizard and Spiderman had faced in a fight several time, which then spidey was able to transform Lizards back to Dr. Curt Connors using the Connors notes to creates the antidote.

When turning to Lizard, Connors strength increased to a superhuman level, his speed, stamina and agility was at Spiderman equivalent level. He can also scale walls just like a lizards using a combination of his sharp claws and micro scales on his hand and feet. Due to Lizard thick scaly hide, he is invisible to punctures and lacerations from ordinary weapons and lower –caliber firearms. He is also has highly enhanced healing abilities. The tail could be dangerous weapons to enemy that can whip at a high speed. Besides have a superhuman lizards abilities, he can mentally communicate and commands all reptiles using his telepathy.

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